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IMPRESSION Hattitude Quartet - Spinner/Singing Tree/Singing Bulb/Singing Reindeer

Coro Graphix

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Hattitude Quartet demo from Gilbert Engineering USA on Vimeo.

Quartet //kwôrˈtet// noun, consisting of four

This is the Hattitude Quartet prop!  It combines our 47” spinner, our singing tree, our singing standing bulb, and a singing reindeer.  This gives you a spinner, and a choice from three singing faces in one space to maximize your show! It’s ideal for those with limited space, or those who just want more in the space they have.

  • This is the 697 node Hattitude Quartet designed for 12mm bullet pixels with over 43 sub-models available
    • SPINNER - 277 nodes
    • TREE - 108 nodes
    • BULB - Outline 111 nodes
    • REINDEER - Outline 71 nodes
    • FACE - Eyes 48 nodes - Mouth 82 nodes
  • Measures approx 47 inches tall
  • Pixels - 4" spacing recommended
  • Material is 10mm heavy duty white coroplast with uv print
  • Optional wiring diagram on the back is available
  • Slit for shipping - backer plate included - you can add "no slit" to the notes section when checking out and and you will be invoiced for the additional shipping
  • 100% Designed in the USA & Made in Canada
  • All new centers will be the same size as the Rosa Wreath to fit inspirelightshows.com universal mounting. As well as indicator holes in the center so you will always know which is front and top

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